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Strategies for Advancing Human Rights & Racial Justice in Cities & Communities 

Monday Feb. 12, 6:00-7:00 PM EST/ 5:00-6:00PM CST/ 3:00-4:00PM PST

Amid unprecedented threats to basic human rights many people once took for granted–including the right to vote, enjoy access to housing and other basic needs, and to have hope for our collective future, how can globally recognized human rights be a tool for change in our communities? How can movements for racial justice benefit from human rights strategies? Why are communities around the world organizing to demand the right to the city? This panel presents lessons from the work of human rights advocates across different U.S. cities and communities about how to organize communities and build political and popular support for human rights in local settings.  Panel presentations: Human Rights Cities Alliance (Molefi Askari & Eric Macadangdang); Dayton United for Human Rights (Stephanie Van Hoose); Dr. Catherine Adams, Claflin University (on organizing in small cities and rural areas and at HBCUs).


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